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 Call me at 202-744-5759 or send me a text message for a quicker response.  Thank you for visiting my page!

 on your engagement! If you are looking for an officiant who understands that you want this day to be all that it can be then you have come to the right place.   Having officiated more than 1,000 weddings in the past 5 years,  I have the experience and expertise you are seeking. I will officiate your Wedding Right Now! You may schedule your wedding as early as 7:30 a.m. Deposits are required and are not refundable.

Let Me Help You
plan your special wedding ceremony.Together we will accomplish this by creating a customized ceremony, you write your own vows, or you may select a standard ceremony from my site!  Also, I will prompt you throughout so you won't have to remember what to say.

Call Anytime
, day or night! I will travel to your venue or you may come to my location for a short and sweet wedding. I also will  officiate your vow renewal, anniversary, or child's Baptism. 

There are numerous wedding venues in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland. You may find the list of possibilities on my venues page.

Just Five Easy Steps!

1. Choose your date and time
2. Select your venue
3. Choose your ceremony
4. Pay your deposit
5. Go to the proper Circuit Court for your county/city  to file for your marriage license!

Virginia has no waiting period.** You may use any Circuit Court within the state.  You may marry in any county in Virginia regardless of where you purchased the license.  Virginia marriages may try to get you to use one of their lawyers.  You simply tell them, "I want to have a minister officiate my wedding.  I have selected Rev. Mavis Prince.  Here is her number.  Give her a call.  She is authorized to officiate weddings anywhere in the state of Virginia."    My phone number is 202-744-5759.  

Maryland has a 3 day waiting period.  I am on the official list in Rockville, Maryland. Give them my phone number.

DC Superior Court has a 5 day waiting period.  I will purchase your license for you from DC with proper identification if you are out of state.   Call me for instructions or call the Superior Court for acceptable documentation.  This is a good option for couples who are out of state who travel here to be married. There is an administrative and travel fee attached to this service.  Upon request I will meet you there to officiate your courthouse wedding or meet at your venue.  I am on the official list in Washington, D.C.  I charge for this package:  $45 for the license, parking twice at at $20 per hour and it generally takes 2 hours.  $200 for going to pick up your license and applying for the package this is because I must swear that you are who you say you are.  

*Your venue (up to 15 miles)  after that mileage rate is $2.75 per mile plus cost of the ceremony.  Late starts (at my discretion, depending on the calendar) for the day, accrue a charge of $50 per 15 minute increment.  This protects the other clients on the agenda.

If the Virginia Circuit Court clerk tells you that those lawyers on the list are the only people who can perform your wedding ask them why they are telling you this. I am a registered, licensed officiant through the city of Alexandria.   Tell them that you have an appointment Rev. Mavis Prince,  and I have an authorization from Alexandria, 520 King Street since 2009.  Ask them why there are church weddings in America.  Ask them what the ministers do. 

If you need my license number, I will text it to you upon request.  To verify me call the Alexandria Circuit Court at 520 King Street in Alexandria, the D.C. Superior Court at 500 Indiana Avenue, Washington, D.C. or the Montgomery County Circuit Court 50 Maryland Avenue, in Rockville, Maryland.   I am also on the list in Stafford County. 


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